The Alexander Technique

is a practical method of centering and connecting that can help you feel more integrated and whole. By making you more aware of how you move, think, react, and hold yourself, the Alexander Technique can trigger profound, long-lasting change in all aspects of your life. Students report feeling more energized and confident, having less anxiety and stage fright, moving with greater ease and less pain, and being more centered and aware.

What is a lesson like? 

I use verbal instructions and a gentle touch to guide you through simple, everyday activities such as sitting, standing, and lying down. Through this process, you become aware of how your habitual coordination works and discover ways of reacting and moving in a more natural way. In time, you'll be able to apply this new awareness to more complex activities and to every situation in your daily life. Students often report profound changes, such as feeling more at ease with themselves and reaching a deeper understanding of their own potential.

How many lessons do I need?

The number of lessons needed depends on the student. Some students take lessons over a short period of time and report significant changes. Others become deeply involved with the Technique and make a lifetime's study of it. Students can usually decide after 2 or 3 lessons whether the Technique is for them. After about 10 to 20 lessons,  they develop a good idea of the long-term benefits of the Alexander Technique.